Syncing with map my run

My last two runs did not sync. I have tried the sync button. I have tried logging out both here and on map my run. How can I fix this?

This may be a dumb question, but are you using a Garmin device for recording your runs?

Maybe you know now, but Garmin (the company’s website) is down.

No I’m using an Apple Watch. So I can see the two runs in the site now. But it is not updating on the map.

OK, had to ask. Not an Apple person, so not sure how that data gets to CS. Maybe @JamesChevalier will chime in.

Thanks for trying to help. My map updated yesterday. I did a run today that is not showing so I’m guessing it takes a few days to update.

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I’m reading of a lot of CS updates going on, so I suspect processing is taking a bit longer.

James will get things back to normal soon. He always does.

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