Synch issue

Issue syncing latest activity from Strava. It was in queue, then disappeared without updating streets. Added it back to the queue and waiting to see what happens.

Timm - how do you manually add runs to the queue? Only joined yesterday and have a lot that haven’t synced so wondering if I’m missing a sync button or something?

I am a contributor, which unlocks extra features like synch now.

Ah. Thanks Timm. Was wondering if that may help to sync my missing 200 odd strava entries but obviously not then! Good luck sorting your issue though.

CityStrides is hitting Strava’s API limits, so activity syncing will be delayed for those accounts.
You can get a view of things here: CityStrides

I do need to rework that page a bit; it’s not displaying info on full-account syncing. That’ll affect new signups (people who need their full history synced) and anyone using the “sync now” feature.

There’s no overall limit to how many activities can sync into CityStrides. In the meantime, all anyone can do is wait.

Thanks for your patience!

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I had the same issue as was described above for my run today. Once I finished I saw that it was scheduled but being stopped by a quarter limit. The quarter came and went and my run was no longer showing scheduled but also had not imported. I did a Sync Now and it’s showing scheduled again for once the daily limit resets this evening.

Just a side note - crazy to see how quickly the API limits are being reached now!

Runkeeper isn’t syncing for me right now, actually. Hit “Sync now” a few hours ago. Were the API limits hit for that today?

They have a 15-min limit that I can’t recall off the top of my head. The problem right now is that their API is only responding with internal server errors.

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The Runkeeper API is working again, @jason

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