Sync Strava 050220

I had a problem with my garmin so on Saturday, 2 May 20, I used the Strava app in my phone to track my run. That run has on shown up in citystrides. I did go to profice on hit the button for sync and this morning entered the url into the queqe sync. But the strava box shows no pending activity. What am I doing wrong.

Yesterday’s run with a garmin showed up immediately so that feature is pretty cool.

You’re probably not doing anything wrong. That status page is a hack - I’m not really supposed to be doing the things I have to do to get those numbers. Treat it as a best-effort, not a true/exact display.

Strava syncing is very slow and very backlogged. While Supporters are prioritized, I don’t know how long those activities are delayed.

Thanks. Looks like I’m stuck with Strava for awhile. Garmin recommended I send the watch back for a replacement. Had my 920 for years without a problem. The 935 is only a couple of months old. At least it’s covered by warranty.

:anguished: :confounded:
Sorry to hear! I hope they sort it out quickly for you!