Sync now not working

Hi, I’ve just tried to sync my latest run. The sync now feature seems to make the website freeze for me.

Is this a fault?

Yeah, I’m getting a “You already had a sync today message” as well when I haven’t.

Two issues here

@kirkshepherd62 the underlying “sync now” code checks to see if you already have a sync running/queued/scheduled, so that duplicates can’t be started. It looks like this is problematic when there are a lot of running/queued/scheduled jobs. I’ll need to re-think this.

@jason I silently updated the “sync now” code so it can only be run once per day, but I did so in a pretty trash way. There’s already a daily sync that runs for all Runkeeper users (they don’t have webhooks, so I can’t be alerted of new activities - I have to ask them for new activities on some regular basis). So I’ll need to rework this limitation somehow.

Thanks for your patience!

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You just answered my question about Runkeeper, so I guess I don’t have to ask now. That’s a pain, but I’m glad you’re already on it :slight_smile:

OK @kirkshepherd62 @jason @vgellatly the ‘sync now’ should be functional again for all of you.

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Thanks for all that work!