Supporter-several streets not showing complete

Hi. I know it’s maybe just a delay but I completed several streets and they all show just 'progressed". I can mark them as manually complete of course but just wondering if this is just a delay? For what it’s worth, I did just donate $5 one time last night and thought that would get my updates quicker, etc.

thanks in advance…not a huge deal but just curious if something’s wrong.


Rather than mark them as manually complete, you should hold off for today, and then let me know again tomorrow if they’re still not marked complete.

There’s this not-that-great thing :grimacing: about the process of switching from a free user to a supporter account where I haven’t figured out how to ‘move’ your queued jobs from the free queue to the supporter queue. So if you become a supporter while your activities are being processed, the current batch will continue as if you were not a supporter. :frowning_face:
It picks up new activities properly, and puts those through the supporter queue, it’s just any existing work that is still delayed.

This page has details about where any pileups might exist: CityStrides

Thanks James. I’m afraid I jumped the proverbial gun and marked “Joshua Drive” as completed manually prior to getting your response. In the meantime, the automatic data update happened and it listed several streets now correctly as complete and some correctly as progressed. I then unmarked Joshua Drive as complete but will (at some point) the data update then pickup that street as complete on its own? (it now makes no mention of the street at all) or should I just learn my lesson and re-mark it manually?

Unmarking a street as manually completed queues up a pile of jobs to reprocess that street’s nodes. So the street should eventually be marked as complete again.