Supporter Badge more obvious

I know Front-End work sucks, but your “supporter” badge (slight purple line??) is way too subtle. Take a look at the Advent of Code supporter highlights:

(AoC++) is an individual supporter.

I think you should make it a lot more clear who is sponsoring. I wanna know which of my favourite heatmappers to shame into sending you more money.

lol I like this so much I voted for it myself :laughing:

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Interesting, i am anonymous supporter from the start. I am opposite of giving my support visibility at all. Shouldn’t matter who knows i am sending money to keep this here running, as long as James knows, i am fine. It’s maybe a cultural thing?

Good thinking @petje, displaying your support should certainly be optional.

(BTW my reasoning is that in my experience is that seeing supporters inspires other people to donate, which, if we want the website to survive, we must all try to do. Not to brag or show off.)

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