Supporter badge more obvious: redux

You closed the last thread, so I am opening a new one.

Firstly: I know you added an actual smiley “badge” for supporters, but I want my username to show to the freeloaders that I am supporting the site, encouraging them to do the same.

For example. Lichess:

Everyone gets this awesome WING OF ICARUS. I want that on CityStrides. I even miss my subtle purple underline of yore.

Secondly: You give the patron badge, but you don’t take it away when it expires. I wanted to gift some subscriptions, but from what I can tell, there’s no way for me to know if they donated once, or are still a premium member.

I wonder if I can add the supporter badge graphic to the user card somewhere, or if this should be a new design element.

I remember the purple underline! I could re-add some border fun for Supporters…

There’s probably some room for some avatar-based fun, as well - something like Discord’s avatar decorations:

I’m not a designer, though, so I hesitate to attempt that.

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Yeah, I struggled with how to handle this… It definitely highlights the need to somehow highlight people as current Supporters.

I did build gifts in a way that will append any existing subscription/payment. If they’re prepaid, then they get months added … If they’re on a subscription, then their account gets the credit applied - so even if they pay yearly, they’ll pay a reduced amount when that renews.

:person_facepalming: Just realizing that I did not build a display in the Billing section of the Settings page to show this account credit. I’ll see about adding that soon.

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I really like those discord “decorations”, and they work well on CityStrides because your profile pic circle is so prominent everywhere.

Go for it, Front-End-Dev, I believe in you!

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Turn on hard mode and you’re always showing you’re a supporter :slight_smile:

Thanks for your vote of confidence! I was able to get the blue shadow highlighting and the Avatar Decorations released today. You can choose from a dozen designs in your Settings page.

You can also read a little more (emphasis on little) here: Avatar Decorations Supporter Feature - CityStrides


Just here to celebrate the rapid user suggestion, dev review, prototyping, and release. This isn’t real life.


Would it be possible to preview the change when clicking on the style rather than having to save to see it? Also I think the option of not having one would be nice, just to not force it on people.



Killing it.

Bug report:


Mr. Morin’s decoration not located correctly, it seems, in this “friend request” review page?

Additionally, it looks like the friends list is pretty borked as well
Screenshot 2024-03-04 at 12.10.11 PM

I fixed up the odd display I found, which I’m hoping also fixed up the display you found … and hopefully didn’t break other stuff :grimacing:

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