Suggestion : ignore "via ferrata" in CityStrides

Hello, what about ignoring “via ferrata” in CityStrides ? For this kind of paths, specific material is always needed, sometimes it is required to go with a guide, and the access is not possible at any time of the year.

Can you give some example of such a road in CityStrides and in OSM?

here are 2 pictures from Valloire (France), “via ferrata rocher saint pierre”

Yes, I see! Via_ferrata should definitely be excluded! @JamesChevalier

Links to the ones he mentioned:

This might be a picture of this via ferrata in question:

Definitely looks like a bug that that is in Citystrides, @JamesChevalier

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Wow I’d love to go get those nodes while they still exist, looks exhilirating!

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I was not expecting to see that picture. I kinda got the “only with a guide” aspect, but I wasn’t expecting this.

I’ve seen worse in North London :joy:

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