Suggestion: Global map

Just a suggestion, what about a global map in which we can see activities from every user all together? It migth be used as a heat map just to see where people run the most.


I like this idea, as it would be cool to give us the overall plan to run every street on the planet. I had also thought it would be fun to be able to combine maps for tams such as running clubs. There is a huge group in CT that has a stated goal of running a race in each of Connecticuts 169 Towns. A global or a team map would get them on board.

I love this idea!

The big roadblock is that this would be a lot of data to display, and the data is always changing. It’s definitely possible - as an example, there’s this post from Mapbox which displays tons of data in their map. I just need to work out the details so I can get as close to a live representation as possible, while not just trashing my server. :sweat_smile:


well maybe once a month or year?

I second p.gomes, once a year to show how we progressed as a community would be really neat!

Strava also has something like this: