"Strider Spotlight" series on Instagram

I’d like to run a series of posts on Instagram that highlight you and your accomplishments. My idea would require people to share some images with me:

  • 1 photo before you leave for your run/walk
  • 1 photo when you finish your run/walk
  • Either 1 photo of your choice or a screenshot of your LifeMap (your choice)

The series in Instagram will be three posts for each person - before/spotlight/after. That middle spotlight post will include details:

  • Your name, along with your location (Region name, Country name)
  • Either your third photo or your LifeMap screenshot
  • CityStrides join date
  • Total completed streets count
  • Completed city count if more than 0
  • Country count if more than 0
  • A sentence or two about your experience with CityStrides & running/walking every street in your city

It seems simplest to run things by just having you reply to this thread with:

  • A link to your profile
  • The 3 images
  • Your write-up