Streets with the same name show up as one street in Citystrides

Same here where every town and village has a road called High Street.

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A mere 1339 nodes and no one has run all of the High Streets yet? But in all seriousness, start a petition to rename it “Highstreetshire”

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Hello there.

I ran a road on Sunday and saw all nodes were completed, only to find myself at 84% completion. On investigation I have found the road has a sibling some 10miles away going by the same name!

Other than heading over there and running it, what options do we have for separating these roads?

It’s a known issue and, as it stands, will not be fixed.

Deriving what we would consider one street from the Openstreetmap data is non-trivial. I think some sort of proximity check could do the trick, but that’s a more intense calculation than the current approach (which I assume becomes significant once you need to scale it to the 100s of thousands of streets in Citystrides). Heading over there and running it is your only option.

PS: Be sure to search the forum next time, there have been several posts about this in the past.

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I went for a walk a few nights ago and I was sure I had completed a street yet it was only marked as progressed on CityStrides rather than completed. I checked the map and there were no remaining nodes on the street so I was a bit confused.

Then I zoomed out a bit on the map and could see that there was another street with the same name within the same city, which I think is preventing this street from being marked as completed. The street in question being Avondale Road in Bromley, UK.

Is it not possible for CityStrides to see these streets as unique as I will unlikely walk the other one as it’s quite far from me and I have no reason to go there. I checked a few other streets and seems to be the same for King’s Avenue, Bromley, UK.

I believe this has been brought up on many many occasions, including by myself (I was advised quite unceremoniously to use the search function). Sadly its not something that can be changed so you’ll have to travel to complete the rest of that street. I have many that require a large amount of travel to the same city area!
Adds a bit of fun going somewhere new to complete them.

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No worries, thanks for letting me know. I’ll see if I can head on over there.

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This used to annoy me, but I have rather grown to like it. In a city that is actually a city, it is rarely a big issue, but most of the ‘cities’ that I am trying to complete are actually largely rural districts with lots of villages, so I see Main Street, Church Lane, Church Road, Chapel Lane, School Lane and so on all the time, and have to do all of all of them. It is frustrating when first starting on a district, but I really know that I am getting somewhere when I complete Chapel Lane, and I know that I am almost there when I get Main Street.

Also in rural areas, most streets that lead to town X from another town are called ‘X Street’ or ‘X Lane’, so until you have done a town and every street that leads to it, you cannot complete the town. It’s not at all unusual to see several more-or-less parallel streets all called the same thing, and I cannot imagine how they got post delivered before postcodes were a thing.

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I’m with you that it is a quirk I’ve come to like. It just adds to the challenge.

Not so sure about it not being an issue in a city that is actually a city though. Certain parts of Sydney, especially the older parts, show a great lack of imagination in naming roads. There must be hundreds of streets names that are not just duplicated, but duplicated many times over. For example, I just highlighted Arthur St, Albert St and Alfred Street on my CS Sydney map and I reckon there are at least two dozen of each. They are over 16km, 14km and 12km long respectively, despite none of the individual incantations being more than a regular, suburban road. And that’s before you get to the Marys, Annes, Elizabeths etc…

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The main reason we have this problem in Greece is because many municipalities were merged in a new, larger one. The previous ones would have a street with the same name (e.g Democracy Street) and when they were merged the new city has both of them wiith the same name no matter if they are miles away