Streets versus nodes goals

Just for fun topic.

Say you’re visiting a new city/town for a week to a month, so no way to get 100%. Do you maximize streets completed (ie go for short streets) or nodes/%-of-city completed (ie go for long, winding streets)?

Obviously no right answer, but I’ll be travelling around this summer and wanted to hear others’ thoughts on what they maximize for if there isn’t time for both!

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I’d vote neither. Just run for funsy and hit any cool places/attractions.

This happened to me in October, we rented and Airbnb in Algarve, Portugal for 2 weeks and I ran every day - I decided to try and explore at first the area near our rural cabin just north of São Bartolomeu, and after I had my bearings, I went for creating the most interesting local LifeMap I could, like running to the tip of the jetty on the national border with Spain :sunglasses:

I would try to get wide as possible blue lines. So long circle north the long circle west for next run etc. This way the city lights up as much as possible on your life map.

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