Streets in map but not counted as completed or progressed?

My latest activity is recognized in the map but streets not included in the tally as progressed or completed… I am sure it will get fixed, but just noting it is very slow.

The visual map is merely there for reference. It has nothing to do with whether a street exists on CS.

The good news is that the visual map is getting its information from the same source as CS, although it takes longer for CS to be updated. Once CS is updated, then the streets will exist on the site AND you’ll get credit for them.

Assuming that the street exists on OSM as a runable street. Have you checked on OSM to see how the street is defined?

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They are starting to update now. I was just surprised because as of last week, it was updating almost immediately.

There seems to be an order - the map on CS updates first, then progress, then completion. I ran 6 complete new streets today, all of which I had at least one prior node. The map updated instantly but showed zeroes for completed and progressed, now all 6 are showing progressed, but zero are complete yet, even though they all now are. I’ll check back in a bit.

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I have seen the same sequencing.

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