Streets from deleted activity still count towards city total

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I recorded a bike ride on my GPS watch, which was uploaded to Strava as a run (my GPS watch doesn’t support multiple activity types). I manually corrected the activity type to a bike ride on Strava as I usually do, manually deleted the activity on Citystrides, and checked back today to ensure the activity was gone on Citystrides.

However, before I did the above, I got 4 streets counted towards my city total. When I click on the city page, it says “67 complete” (which is correct) but my percentage indicates I still have 71 streets counting towards my total on the leaderboard. So there is some inconsistency/overcounting happening due to the deleted activity.

EDIT: I have a theory that adding another activity will cause the leaderboard street count to be correct/consistent with the street count on the city page, but I’ve yet to test that out.

Yeah, new activities force an update to that count
… and it’s also cached, so just waiting some minutes may also cause it to reset
… and there’s a chance (unlikely for your case, but for others who might be in a slightly similar situation) that the street(s) are completed by other activities – when you delete an activity, the system re-checks your account to see if any completed streets should still be marked as complete.

Your account isn’t public, so I can’t confirm whether your count automatically dropped back to its expected 67 or not.

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