Streets extending beyond border in Tolar, Texas

Me: Eric Wes - CityStrides

Tolar: Tolar, Texas - CityStrides

When I look at Tolar, all nodes are within the city, but looking at these three streets individually, nodes go beyond the city border:

And, while I have a few more pieces of streets to stride on, there are no red nodes left.

My last activity, to the edge of town: Eric Wes's activity on April 6, 2024 - CityStrides

Thanks in advance, Eric

Just realized if you click the above activity, it will have the 3 incomplete, progressed, streets. :slight_smile:

Ooh, this was a wild one…

A long time ago, I had an issue where sections of streets that were outside the city border were being included in CityStrides. I fixed this, and I thought I cleaned up all the existing data … looks like I was wrong.

I also didn’t really fix this for the city update process. It wasn’t fixed to remove nodes that were in CityStrides but were not within the city border. This means there are probably other cities out there with streets that extend past the city border, due to a border change in OpenStreetMap.

I’m finishing up these fixes locally (haven’t updated Tolar yet) but I’m hopeful I can get this released today.

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Well, this is the wild west after all! :cowboy_hat_face:

Thank you James!