Street where foot = designated excluded

Is there a reason why a street like this is excluded from CS ?

Although the street is “private” in terms of who maintains there is open access for pedestrians along as it leads from a main road to a public footpath at the other end of the street/

In OSM foot=designated but the other access permissions are all private but presume for us the foot access is all that matters?

I see “foot=designated” is intended when public access is sign posted. It is in this Street View Google Maps

It is because of the private access tag. According to OSM’s private tag wiki page, that “tag is indicating that the object is not to be used by the general public. Access is only with permission on an individual basis.”

From OSM’s access tag wiki page (Road with restricted access section), "Note that it notes access, not ownership. Many privately owned roads are freely accessible for the general public without prior permission- in such case access=private would be wrong and it may be access=permissive if the owner can revoke this permission at their own discretion. Privately owned roads can even be -depending on the legislation- public roads in the sense that the owner has a legal duty to allow the general public access and is not free to revoke this permission (access=yes).

Based on the above wiki pages, my understanding would be that Rowbarns Way is incorrectly tagged. The last edit made to it was on 08 May 2021 which added the private tag.

Here is a list of all the tags that get excluded from CS

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And note that the rule for import to CS uses the value of the general access. If it’s private it doesn’t matter what the value for foot is.

Thanks for checking. I am often confused with the privately “owned” roads that you can seemingly freely access. This particular road has a designated public footpath essentially along the road (imagine the right of way predated the Tarmac road !)

Round by way some “private” roads (by ownership often with Private Road on the sign) are marked on OSM as private and some aren’t. Personally I tend to mark roads as private if they are gated and then access is not “freely accessible”. On the other hand if you have a privately owned road that is a dead end then I would be nervous about going up there as in most cases there would be point as it were.

In many cases the residents of these “privately” owned roads most likely don’t want cars going up them and certainly not parking on them (unless visiting somebody) and certainly sometimes there are parking prohibition signs. On the other hand, CS is about running up a road not driving or even riding up it.

Ah so I had not realised CS just looks at the general access setting. I guess that is more clear cut - can you access it full stop or not.

So Rowbarns Way is tricky - I can clearly freely go up there on foot. In a car far less clearcut especially if not for some “visiting” or “delivery” reason.

Maybe something like: access yes, foot yes, vehicle destination?