Street stats

@JamesChevalier, I wonder if you could provide us with some stats on streets? Examples: which street is most run, which most completed, which has the most nodes. If it is too much trouble, don’t bother, it is just that I am a stat freak.

If you mean just in general (ie regardless if anyone on CS has run it), that could probably be pulled from OSM. Although most nodes is a bit of misleading stat to use. A lot of nodes doesn’t necessarily mean the longest street. Someone may have just gone node-happy when editing the street or it could be really curvy so it requires more nodes for accuracy.

Counting nodes on a street relation in OSM doesn’t say anything. I have a curvy road of say 500 meters, i need 10s of nodes to visualize that in OSM. But a perfect straight road of say 4km could do with 2 or 3 nodes.