Street start date

As many cities will have a few very long streets, and as most of us will run those streets in small sections over time, it would be cool to have a “start” date for the street as well as a “completed” date. I’ve just finished a very long street, house numbers in the 800s!, and was trying to figure out when I ran the very first section of that street

In your lifemap you can always hover over the gps tracks of all the runs you did on that street and see the date.

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Tried that, still can’t figure when I started the particular street I’m interested in

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What would the expectation be for users that do a full history sync and crossed part of the long street but weren’t actively trying to run streets?

Ex: A runner lives in a city for 10 years and runs randomly around during that time. Then they decide to try run every street and have a full history sync into CityStrides. At some point in past they likely crossed a street but wasn’t trying to run it all at that point. Would the expectation be to put date when they actively were trying to run an entire street or the first date they touched any part of it 10 years ago? Further complicated by the fact you can “start” a street (ie complete one node) without actually being on it. Things like GPS wobble or GPS reporting you within 25 meters of a node would mark that node complete. Also if you are running a street that crosses another street (ie perpendicular intersection), you would mark some of the other street’s nodes as done even though you didn’t go anywhere besides the intersection. Would be similar to the Figure A in this discussion.

The start date would be the first time you hit a node in that street