Street runs along city boundary - not listed

Today I walked the length of Xenia Avenue in Carlton NSW. I was excited to be bagging almost the only “X” within reasonable reach of home, but when I uploaded, I didn’t have the street!

It appears that the problem is that the boundary of Georges River and Bayside Councils runs along the middle of the entire length of this street, so that it is not listed under either council. Is this a known issue? I had a rummage in the forum and couldn’t see anything similar. Or am I missing something else?

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Reviewing your CS profiles, I don’t see an activity for today (Nov. 3). The last visible activity is Oct. 29th. Do you have the activity hidden within CityStrides?

Does the street appear in either council in OpenStreetMap? Do you have a link to the street in OpenStreetMap?

I think this is the first report of this issue. I’ve been wondering if it would happen.

My data comes from OpenStreetMap via Overpass, which provides its own custom “area” layer (the cities) which allows me to query “streets within this city”.
I’m wondering if the borders for all the surrounding cities all exclude the nodes for that street. I’m not sure, offhand, how I can test/view that.


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Yes, my activities default to private. Here is a screen shot of the relevant section.

. This is a link to OpenStreetMap (I hope), showing the boundary in the middle of the street: OpenStreetMap

It’s a bit of a conundrum isn’t it! For some of the adjacent streets, such as Ethel Street and Carlton Parade, which run across the boundary, each portion of the street is listed under the respective council. For poor old Xenia Ave, I guess the nodes aren’t being allocated to either council because each node is split between the two, rather than the way being split into two discrete sets of nodes.

Not being familiar with the area and where council borders are, perhaps you’re best off adding a Note in OpenStreetMap indicating that the street doesn’t seem to belong to either council. Then a local OSM expert can review any official council documents and decide how to adjust in OSM.

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The map is correct. It is not unusual here for a boundary to run down the middle of a road - in fact, there is another example not 400 metres from my house. The issue is more whether CityStrides can come up with a cunning way of handling this scenario.