Street Notes/Comments Feature

I think it could be valuable to allow users to leave notes on streets.

You could have them be public or private. The public ones could be used for sharing info about a street that other CityStriders might find useful. This is particularly helpful around potentially manually completed streets or other things like if a street is dangerous, if there is construction (I had this today and couldnt finish the street, and it might be months as its gated off). You could even highlight something interesting for the user to see! (I saw a huge Big Boy statue in front lawn of a home the other day)

Some more thoughts around it

  • When you build a route that goes on this street it could somehow let the user know about streets with notes/comments.
  • Let a user see what streets in a city have notes. Basically some sort of filter for a City for streets with notes.
  • Whenever you have a list of streets in general have an easy way to see the notes or what streets have notes.
  • Allow a user to subscribe to updates on a street (notification/email)
  • Public/Private toggle
  • Anti-spam measures. If one user makes a bunch of useless comments allow people to block seeing notes from that user.

I like this idea! I’ve come across a few aggressive, unleashed dogs and would love to be able to give other runners a heads up.

This is exactly the kind of thing I would want to know! Dogs are my biggest fear with run mapping and its usally from going down long rural dead end roads where I think its most likely to happen… though I’ve only been bitten once so far by a “friendly” off leash dog right in front of a school building.