Street not in the same spot on your map

Street not in the same spot on your map. Devoulder in Barnstable ma. Marstons Mills specifically. I have a photo that shows the street I’ve gone down a few times not on the map and the street that’s on the map not on the road.

All the street data comes from OpenStreetMap.
The map display is handled by Mapbox, though, so updating that is out of my hands. They do get their data from OSM as well, though.

If something is incorrect in CityStrides, it should be edited in

There’s some helpful info in the wiki: Wiki - CityStrides Community
There are also a lot of helpful people here in the forum if you have questions (or want to ask someone to make the edits for you) … hopefully one of them replies as well :smile:

If i look very sharp on your printscreen, and check on the satelite views available, i see the following

You should go into OSM in change mode and give the street a name if it has one. Maybe it’s restricted, then add the correct privacy tag value

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