Street is not visible - but name is visible

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If you will go to

then you will see from North to South that there is “Wisławy Szymborskiej” street that is not street, but name of street is visible. I am fine with “this street is not visible” because currently this street is under construction. But its strange for me that name is visible. In my opinion this is bug.

The map display is Mapbox and completely out of my control.

The lists of streets in the site are entirely my fault :rofl:

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Do you just object to the street name being visible on the map? That’s not from CityStrides, the maps come from Mapbox. And obviously they show roads under construction in that way.

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And Mapbox, like CityStrides, uses OpenStreetMap for their mapping data… So I would look there.

There is some info on OSM in the wiki here: Wiki - CityStrides Community

Note: CityStrides uses the “data” from OSM to determine the things we run on, and complete.