Street count excluding dead ends - lighter version of a city

As I am very close to completing my city (just 7 out of 1406 streets to go) I am actually unsure I can really keep doing “everything” as would need to drive somewhere every time now to get to the next “city” although I do already short of having to do a half marathon to tick off just one street.

What however would be good is if there was a “lighter” version of a city where perhaps dead ends were excluded as then, especially in large rural “cities”, you could do more “normal” training loops and still try and get good coverage of a city.

Indeed now I look at my general heat map, I think oh have never run around “there”, I will do a loop there one day to fill in an obvious completely clear area.

I have also a few loose ends, and I had quite a few when the big OSM update was executed in oktober '19. So i had a lot of runs during that time that were within my training/load, and i made sure some of those loose ends were part of it. That way I could set my earlier completed cities again back to 100%

I also have some loose ends still at the moment and only one street in a city relatively far away where there was a road block due to wreckage work on some old buildings at the first time i passed there. So one day soon i have to go over there and for that i will create a nice run of some considerable km’s to make it worth while. It’s all part of the game of city completions imho.

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This sounds like a great idea, but would create almost a premier league and 2nd class finisher situation. Which may be confusing, but could also be more attainable. Once you’ve got your “2nd class city” you could aim to step up and get into the big league if you were so inclined.
How would you classify a dead end street though? What if it was connected by a path to another area? I’ve found a lot around here that do actually have legal pedestrian routes out of them (and have added them to OSM accordingly)