Strava Synch - Edited Runs Not Synching

Hi there,

I’m fairly new to CityStrides. I’ve used Strava to record activities for CityStrides, so am new to it as well. As a newbie, I sometimes forget to turn Strava off at the end of a run. I’ll ride/drive home and usually realize I’ve forgotten to stop the run when putting my shoes away. Dho!.. there’s a straight line that goes from where I stopped running and my home. (See image)

As I became more familiar with Strava, I learned how to edit the run. I went back to the activities with the lines and used the crop feature to fix them.

I assumed that the updated activities in Strava would automatically propogate to CityStrides.
They didn’t for me. I now have 100s of activities in Strava and no clue which ones I cropped.

I’ve now run every street, laneway, trail down to what I figure is most animal trails in my city. I’m super-proud of what I’ve accomplished and love to share my CityStrides LifeMap. I’d really like to get rid of the unsightly straight lines, though.

Is there any way to say, “Hey CityStrides, please resync all of my Strava activities?”

Many thanks :slight_smile:

The process would be to view your LifeMap & click the activities with the straight lines to go to their page & click the delete button for it … repeat until you’ve deleted the activities with the bad lines (deletions are done in background jobs, so it can take some time) … then run a sync for your account, to bring in the edited activities.

Most of these things - clicking activities on LifeMap & full account sync - are supporter features, but I can help you out.

It’s late here, so I’ll be able to take a look tomorrow.

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Thank you for the advice.

  • I joined as a Supporter. Can now see the date of the runs in question. Cool!
  • I deleted the activities. The app confirmed each.
  • I refreshed the screen, but the bad lines remained. I’ll assume this is the background job you referred to so I’ll check again tomorrow

Oh, yeah, I didn’t include the fact that the LifeMap is rebuilt after creating/deleting activities. That usually only takes a few minutes, but sometimes there can be a delay.