Strava run not full synched after almost a day

Can’t seem to get Tim Grose's activity on October 2, 2023 - CityStrides from 7.2 mi Run Activity on October 2, 2023 by Tim G on Strava to give me the 2 streets I did in it yesterday.

I submitted that Strava link for a resynch 3 times now but not having desired effect.

Run is on my Life Map and the nodes are showing as done (so blue not red)

Might partly be because I had to reload the run into Garmin/Strava as my “main” watch had an issue so I deleted 2 activities from my main watch that were both parts of the run I recorded in full on another watch.

Syncing/resyncing is only useful for data that is not present in CityStrides. If the data is present (if you have a link in the format then syncing is done.

There’s processing that occurs after a sync. That’s what determines progressed/completed streets. There’s also a separate job that rebuilds the LifeMap.

I would suggest going to the city page, and viewing your list of incomplete/complete streets to see where those 2 streets exist. If you can share links to the streets you expected to complete, I can rummage through the data.

It is these two
Green Lane (in this context the one near Shelwood Cross which was the last one I needed to do) Green Lane - CityStrides

Brookfield Brookfield - CityStrides

In both cases it says I have done 100% of the nodes - just not been “given” the street.

Timtwo Grose is essentially my “spare” watch. That account am NOT using Hard Mode so hence I had “got” Green Lane already.

Ah! There we go: Tim Grose's activity on October 2, 2023 - CityStrides

You had a deleted activity where the system didn’t remove its related data, so the system thought you already completed it.

thanks very much