Strava not updating?

Is there an issue updating from Strava? My latest activity ( hasn’t shown up yet, and it’s been over an hour. Normally activities show up in minutes (or sooner).

Yeah, CityStrides has reached its API limits. :frowning_face: Things will pick up at midnight UTC.
You can view this page (linked from within the top left menu as well) to get a view on that: CityStrides

I was about to come here and say never mind. I found that status page.

But you beat me to it. Thanks for all you do.

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Has this been resolved? My two runs from this afternoon are not syncing from Strava. First time I’ve ever had an issue. Thank you!

You can always keep an eye on the status page to get a view into any delays: CityStrides
When I get the question of whether something’s broken with syncs or if it’s been fixed, I go view that page myself. :smile: It’s actually more detailed for you, because it will show your scheduled activities.

There’s nothing in the schedule for your account, so either the activity was missed somehow or it has already synchronized into CityStrides. You’ll have to let me know if it’s still missing, because I’m now responding 11 hours after your post - it could have gone either way. :smile:

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@JamesChevalier They are there! Thank you!

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