Strava not updating to citystrides

I currently donate monthly and my runs are usually uploaded from strava within 15 minutes of completion… However, it has been 4 hours now and nothing has been uploaded to CityStrides… any ideas?

Yeah, Strava API limits were reached (have been every day for at least a week, actually). You can keep an eye on things here: CityStrides

Thanks @JamesChevalier

The syncing of the last 7 days has been delayed by the Strava API limit. That is highly unusual I think, but if it remains like this, would it be an option to share some of your 1.000 API call reserve with subscribers?

One issue that I may be causing is related to some other (non-CityStrides) challenges I’m involved with. This challenge requires that I log a Strava activity every day in February. This means that I’m logging activities I wouldn’t normally be logging, thus adding to the number of calls you’re making.

This challenge ends at the end of February, so in March there should be fewer calls generated by me. It ain’t much, but it’s something.

Also, I wonder if you’re getting extra calls due to New Year’s Resolutions. If so, they should drop as people drop their resolutions. (And pick up as the weather becomes clement around more of the northern hemisphere.)

Since you said to keep the ideas coming for the API. Maybe in the short term don’t sync activities for those users who haven’t logged in for a certain amount of time (exempting subscribers of course), basically in-active users. You could even on their homepage tell them that syncing has been paused for them due to inactivity and have them click a button to import their recent activities if they do come back.

On a different note my recent activity just imported Dallas DeVries's Activity on February 26, 2020 - CityStrides
but it thinks I completed none of the streets 31 progressed 0 completed instead of 26 progressed 5 completed.

It’s fixed now :man_shrugging:

Membership has its privileges™

Right now if you are a subscriber/supporter you get your activities processed in “under a minute”

For non-subscribers, it is almost always longer than that.

Most of us are subscribers in this thread I believe, the API limit has been reached pretty much every day this week and affects everyone. For me (subscriber) it took 6 hours to get picked up once the API reset, then another 2-3 hours for everything to finish processing (map, completed streets). If you run earlier in the morning youre probably fine because limit isnt reached yet.

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