Strava - Manually Added Walks


I use a Garmin ForeRunner 235 which stupidly doesn’t have a “Walk” option, so I have to use “Other”.

I have to edit these manually in Strava and change them to “Walk”. However, it now doesn’t seem to want to sync these with CityStrides (or maybe I’m just not being patient enough…?)

Any ideas?


Not sure about the syncing here but I have this app installed on my FR235 that them pushes across as walk fine to Strava and works well


Thanks Mike, I’ll give that a go!

So thanks to Mike I’ve figured out how to categorise future Walks as “Walks” and not as “Others”.

So now I need to figure out how to re-sync all the historic “Others” that I have now manually changed to “Walk” in Strava… Anyone got any ideas?

Depending on how you want to log things, I use: Connect IQ Store | Free Watch Faces and Apps | Garmin

Not sure why that link didn’t show up pretty like @m_l_heywood 's did… But it is by the same guy as “Hike”, but it records the activity as a walk. Screens may show slightly different data, so it’s whatever works for you.

If you go to the settings page (upper right corner pull-down), then to " Activity Trackers", there is an option to Sync Single Activity. I know it exists for Garmin, so I think I would give that a try.