Strava/Garmin show as two different accounts under one login

  1. Opened a city stride account and used my Garmin Fenix 6s watch and Garmin Connect to track all my activities. I am a Subscriber
  2. Lost my watch for a day so used Strava for one run.
  3. Logged into my City Strides account on my Dell Desktop. Clicked Settings, paused my Garmin as my Activity Tracker and connected to Strava.
  4. Viewed my subscriber status and logged activity.
  5. Changed my Activity Tracker back to Garmin and once again viewed my subscriber status and logged activity.


  • With Strava as the activity tracker enabled I am not a subscriber and my previous Garmin history does not show up.

  • With Garmin as the activity tracker enabled I AM a subscriber and my Garmin history shows up, but the Strava activity does not.

  • Verified that my userid in the url stays the same when either tracker is enabled.

  • Also tried importing just one Strava activity with no change in results.

You have opened a second account, instead of connecting it to the existing account

Cathy Mullanix - CityStrides (Garmin)
Cathy Mullanix - CityStrides (Strava)

Maybe I am misunderstood but that is what I did in Step 3 in my initial post. I am not sure how I created two accounts as I only have one login. Also when I am in settings it will only allow me to connect to one service at a time. It automatically pauses the other service.

Henrik, you link to two different accounts, the first one Cathy Mullanix, the second Todd Mullanix. Husband maybe?

Yes it was wrong link, corrected now

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You have to log in to Strava and revoke access to CityStrides

Log in to your main CityStrides account

Go to settings
click connect on Strava

Followed the steps you outlined above. Still does not resolve the issue. I think I will have to just not use Strava and forego the progress I made on that one day, and yes the other Mullanix is my husband. As he is trying to catch me he is happy about my issues. We are a bit competitive with one another :rofl:

Export the activity from Strava,
import it to Garmin,
go to your settings page
put in date for activity in " Sync Single Garmin Activity" and “Queue sync”

Hello All,

I have had the same issue over this past month except that about half of all my activities were originally uploaded via Garmin and the other half via Strava. I have never had an issue until January where I can no longer log into my paid account. If i go in via Garmin i get half of my map as “Nameless Runner” and if i go in via Strava i get the other half - both unpaid accounts. That was until this morning when i logged in via Strava hoping to have it all return and i now have no streets…



Hi Guy,

We are currently working on this issue together in a support ticket over email. Let’s keep our conversation there. :+1:

I finally got it to work. Thanks for your support. I had to do a little massaging as the activity type was marked as “Other” in Garmin and City Strides did not import. I then edited the activity type as Walking in Garmin and tried to resync activity in City Strides but then it was recognized as a duplicate and would not allow. I finally edited the date of the activity and was able to get it in. Thanks!!!