Strava/Garmin Connect

I saw the Strava user’s tracking poll. Are there thoughts of being able to connect directly to Garmin Connect? This is such a great website and I am willing to support if there is a plan for the Strava faithful (I’m guessing that there is).

Would simply becoming a supporter at some level solve my Strava issues of not having synced since April 12th?

In my queue, I do see several instances of the same Strava event. I have read that this can happen if an activity is edited. I think many Strava users, like myself, go in and add notes, choose gear or name activities once they become available on Strava. Just thinking out loud here, could that add considerably to the Strava backlog?

Please keep up the great work as this is a pretty exciting site. Thanks for all you’ve done with it!

Hi @bd0047, and welcome to the forum and CityStrides in general!

I can answer some, but not all of your questions:

Yes- that is a work in progress right now. Stay tuned for updates about it. Just as an FYI, I expect that initial testing will become available to supporters before the Garmin connectivity is widely available for all users.

It won’t simply resolve the issue entirely as there is still a backlog, but it will certainly prioritize your activities going forward. I’ve noticed mine (as a supporter) have recently been getting better, back within a few hours. Will eventually return to instantaneous more or less.

This is not expected to affect the backlog.

Good answers as usual from @davemorin

This one, from lurking in discussions about the duplicate activities is a tough one. It does not appear that the editing of entries on Strava is the reason for the duplicate activities. It is actually Strava not working as expected and producing multiple “webhooks” for certain activities. It is probably adding more to the backlog than we think, but not enough to create the current hole we are in - that is almost all due to the number of users and the number of open new user full-account syncs that need completing

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Thank you Dave and JP - I am officially trying this out as a supporter.

Initially, its nice not to have the ad on my profile page!


The real answer is to connect a MapMyFitness or Runkeep account and upload your Garmin activity to those. I’m a supporter that uses Strava and this is my work around to get my activities in without waiting for days. I know non-supporters that get their activities in right away this way as well. I expect I’ll be doing it this way until the Garmin connector is complete.

Personally, I’d hold off a bit before going all-in on some crazy work-around if your plan is to use direct Garmin sync when it becomes available. :wink:


Yeah, what @jpbari said :smile:

Because it’s coming soon :smiley:

Like :thinking:

Today :grin:

Probably :sweat_smile:


@JamesChevalier -
I am (now) a supporter of the page and have been using MapMyRun to sync since the beginning.

With Connect.Garmin now an option, If I start sync’ing with that I have a few questions;

  • Should I pause MapMyRun sync’ing?
  • Will this create duplicate’s if I switch to connect ?

Thank You !

Yeah you should pause, it’ll help a bit with server load.
You shouldn’t have duplicates, because the code checks for exact same start times.

Thank you,
I also found this thread:

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