Strava activity waiting to be synced, but can't sync RunKeeper

Hi, often I do my runs a few hours before midnight UTC. If I try to sync with Strava, it is usually at it’s limit and won’t sync. Obviously, I can’t sync again… but in practice I’d like to then be able to sync my RunKeeper activity instead (or in the meanwhile). When I click “Sync Now” I get the error saying I have an activity syncing already. Fair enough, but it still doesn’t know about my RunKeeper activity yet… which has no wait and is well within the daily limit. How can we make this work for this use case?


Ah, yeah, that should be doable … it shouldn’t be too difficult either.
Sorry, I just goofed on people with multiple trackers :man_facepalming:

No worries! I normally log one on my phone and the other on my watch. Cheers, thanks

Out of curiosity, what’s the value-add of having the runs uploaded via both Strava and rk? :thinking:

Duh, you get to run twice as many miles!

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Just mainly GPS accuracy… sometimes my watch gives out or loses signal or phone or vice versa and there’s no way I’m rerunning a street for that reason.

Oh ok, that makes sense, having to go back is the worst…

Yup, and running 1100 streets is a big enough project for me in itself. I pride myself for planning good routes and if I miss a node that’s my fault I’ll go back eventually and be fine with it. I do plan on hitting 100% of nodes though not just streets. I won’t be bothered if I get a street completion for 90% but my original route plans are to hit everything and take no chances.

It’s always interesting to see the different ways how people approach their CS projects! I usually edit the trace before uploading if it is too far off my actual route to make sure I don’t miss nodes due to poor tracking (I go back if I actually missed something due to poor planning/execution).

Maybe you could switch in mmr for strava to get around the bottleneck? Good luck with your project!

Thanks, same to you… yeah, sometimes I upload both depending on whether I need to. Don’t care about dupes in CS, doesn’t seem to matter. Not sure about deleting as it either seems to resync later or doesn’t really delete erroneous progress. I treat it as one way upload only and then get on with my day.

When I initially created this “single account with multiple trackers connected” feature, the focus was on people who may have used e.g. Runkeeper for a few years and then switched to e.g. Strava. I wanted them to be able to have their full history of running available within one CityStrides account.

I never expected people would use two trackers in one activity. :flushed:

I also never intended such a focus on Nodes. :laughing: I saw them as an implementation detail; something I had to have in order to achieve the actual goal of tracking street progress. I get some amusement out of lots of people focusing on Nodes so much. :smiley:

I think relying on nodes takes a bit of guess work out of whether knowing you’ll complete the street or not. I enjoy planning routes around nodes… not as much a “paint every street” person. To do that, you only need Heatmaps, not necessarily City Strides. I think you should add some features and perhaps statistics around nodes. It’s a huge advantage for CS to have this over other heat mapping methods IMO.