Strange error in completed street date

As I’m now doing Stockholm with >4000 streets, and have now reached 633 complete, it’s not easy to double check if the list in CS of Completed streets is really correct. But today I ran a part of the city where I haven’t been so often before. Looking at my run here (Hans Westerback's Activity on March 29, 2021 - CityStrides) and checking completed and progressed streets I was surprised to not find a particular street, Scheelegatan which I ran in its whole length today. When I look at the lifemap I can see that I was there once before, on Sep 10 2016, but then I ran about half of it only. The rest of the street has only one run, and that is today.
So I click the street Scheelegatan in Stockholms kommun, Stockholms län - CityStrides, and find it has been completed by seven runners, including me, but the date is given as May 11 2019. OK, so I check what run I did that day, and I find it was actually a race, Hans Westerback's Activity on May 11, 2019 - CityStrides. It lists six completed streets, five of them are correct, but not Scheelegatan… Actually it passed close to Scheelegatan’s northern end twice. So even if the proximity might have given me one node (out of 24), the completion date is really wrong, it was completed today.

Now this might seem trivial enough, but it could mean there are other streets that are marked incorrectly as completed both for me and others…