Sorting activities by number of streets completed

I think it would be a great feature to be able to sort my personal activities by how many streets were completed in each activity. I did a run about a month ago where I set out to get more streets in a single run than I ever had, but I prior to this run I was not aware of which run I had recorded the most streets (I ran probably 20 something more streets in this run than any run I had done before to make sure it was a new record)
To go along with this there could be badges associated with hitting certain numbers of streets in a single run, for example:
Novice street grabbing badge: 10 streets in a single run
Intermediate street grabbing badge: 25 streets in a single run
Advanced street grabbing badge: 50 streets in a single run
Maniac street grabbing badge: 100 streets in a single run

Lastly, possibly too large of a project but a leaderboard of activities with the most streets grabbed in a single activity. I’ve seen some crazy numbers for runs but it would be cool to see who has the best of all time.

I see some disadvantages of that idea because streets can be completed by a single point while the hard progress of visiting all other points was done in other activities. To resolve is argument, one should only count streets where a points are visited in that run, i.e. count complete streets instead of streets completed. But means already completed streets can count to the badges when running them again complete.