'Something went wrong with displaying the website' message

Since today, when I want to display my Lifemap, Chrome (on Mac) seems to have issues with displaying the website. At least, this is the error that I get back. I emptied the browser cache and also used the ‘reset browser storage’ option in city strides, restarted the browser and even my computer. All with the same result.
The site does seem to work properly when I’m using Safari browser. Hence, it’s probably something with my local Chrome, but I wouldn’t know how to fix this. Ideas are welcome.

Some devices/browsers can’t hold up with large amounts of data (from the number of activities to display). I can’t see your data because it’s private (which is fine, you don’t need to change your settings), but with 1110 streets completed that could be the case.

I recently updated the LifeMap for subscribers to use a different data format. This makes the map load on every browser (that I’ve heard of so far, anyway) and perform much faster.
(I am working through some bugs with that underlying LifeMap data, but for the most part it works quite well)

Thanks for your quick reply, James!
I indeed have quite some activities :slight_smile:. For some reason, today Chrome seems to be able to cope again. Not sure what has changed though, but it works.