Some East Haddam roads incorrect

On the East Haddam, CT Citistrides map, Algonquin Trail is too long and shows connections that do not exist. The actual road is just a small piece around the elementary school off of Joe Williams Rd, as seen in the attachment.

When i compare osm with the picture ypu send, it looks accurate. Did you maybe mean the road ‘Algonquin Trail’ should be private?

if i look it up on google maps, i don’t see any issue, also it’s not private

The picture and OSM are accurate and it is a public road.
The trouble is that there is also a hiking trail (partially public, partially private) that is also called Algonquin Trail. On OSM, the non-road part is a brown dashed line from Joe Williams Rd through Monica’s Woods to East Haddam Colchester Turnpike:
This hiking trail shows up on CityStrides also as part of Algonquin Trail, and it shouldn’t.
CityStrides attributes 33 nodes to Algonquin Trail. Only the 15 nodes on the road shown above should be counted; the others are off in the woods on private property.