Social chit chat on city page

I’ve been a supporter for a couple of years. During that time I’ve gone from #1 in my city down to 4 as new people join. Rather than stalk them on other platforms it would be nice if there was a general comment area for each city on the leaderboard screen (striders ) so for those who wish to participate in friendly banter we can. Even mystery striders could see the comments ; but they would have to “show themselves “ to post a comment.

But what happens when the banter becomes not so friendly? Can’t speak for the entire world but at least in the US, civility seems to be lacking as of recently. Not sure James’ cats are ready to become comment moderators.

I like the idea a lot , I think it would be cool if it was less a sub-forum (that’s what this place is for) and more of a standalone, public, scrolling chat that anyone could read but not everyone could post on. Maybe you have to have X% completed, and/or be a supporter, to be able to post on it. Maybe disappearing messages, or the ability to keep some as semi-permanent city-specific lore. Somewhere people can ask to run together, or warn about a difficult street or some construction. And definitely an upside is to allow ‘mystery striders’ to interact without shedding their anonymity.

Fun idea to think about for sure.

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I’m in touch with the person who completed Edinburgh before me as it turns out we have a mutual friend. Edinburgh isn’t huge but has around 400k+ residents so I’m not sure whether it was just lucky that I figured out the connection or that I have a lot of like minded friends who have like minded friends :grin:.

Although we’ve not met yet we swap info about new streets we’ve spotted, encouraged each other to complete the giraffe statue trail around the city, and have bonded over the frustration of the still never fully built street that’s been stopping us from truly completing the city for a year now. We’ve joked about meeting up and celebrating when the road is finally completed and we won’t even care what the residents think of us!


And as a post script to Kevin’s message I became a mystery strider after a couple of months just because I realised how it might be possible to figure out where someone lives and I thought that wasn’t necessarily the safest thing for me. But I like the idea of a sub forum for a city as I know I’ve encouraged a few people to start and it would be nice to support and encourage them

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