So close. Aaaarrrggh!

Instead of completing it, I still have one street left in Belmont MA because I missed a little figure-8 I was supposed to do:

Screen Shot 2021-09-27 at 1.46.14 PM

And it’s an 8-miler to get there and back. :neutral_face:


We all been there, not? I feel the pain. So many times i have to detour (big or small) to get loose ends. Even separate runs to get them.


Excellent time for a bike ride.

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True! One time I even stopped for a 200 meter run to finish some offroad road.

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I did a lot of bike rides to new areas to run. Or, I would have my wife drop me off on the way home from joint errands, and I would run home. In a couple of extreme cases, she would drop me off and pick me up.

If my city had public transportation, I probably would have used that. :bus:

Yep, these tricks are coming into play now. Early on in my CityStrides “quest”, I decided I would never drive somewhere for the sole purpose of capturing more streets. But I have tagged along with my wife when she has to drive somewhere, and I have done a few bike rides.


I have one street to complete that is currently barricaded. It’s on the university campus and the associated construction project has a scheduled completion of 2023 iirc. Maybe the road will be open before then? In the meantime, various residential developments keep adding a few streets at each update so even if I do reach 100% it’ll be fleeting (I have 1 of those to deal with right now in fact). I celebrated my completion with the purchase of a new shirt when i only needed to run the barricaded block!