Single Node Streets

There has been a lot of discussion in the past around zero node streets. However, when planning an upcoming run using route builder, I came across a single node road and questioned if such a thing should exist?

The offending road is Looking at the map you can see it is working as expected as the node at the junction sits just a few metres inside the boundary but the rest of the road sits over the boundary

However, should a single node count as a road in its own right as you don’t have to go from A->B to complete the road. No idea how common this is and/or people’s views on it but thought it was an interesting quirk if nothing else!

(The slightly strangely drawn boundary also means that Drove Road is having a bit of an existential crisis along it’s path as it flips from South Cambridgeshire to Huntingdonshire to both along quite a short stretch!)

I had same for a Plymouth road, it started in Plymouth (one node) but crossed into South Hams (next ‘city’) with many nodes. I believe city strides counts them as two streets in terms of completing the whole city. One street in Plymouth and another street of same name in South Hams. So in my case even though I only ran part of the street and it was only one node in terms of completing all the streets in Plymouth then that is the correct process

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Agree that CS is working as designed as it doesn’t know roads, it knows nodes and how to group them in a city so makes technical sense. I guess my question is more of the philosophical tilt in that should a single node count as a street?

I guess this should only happen where you have roads running along a city boundary that then have a junction with another road that strays into the neighbouring city.

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