Show manually completed streets on LifeMap


I’ve only just discovered CityStrides. Which is at the same time awesome, but also very frustrating. I have just finished walking all across a city, keeping track on a paper map. But now that I’ve reached the border of the paper tourist map, I was hoping to log my progress digitally.

I have figured out how to add streets manually (it’s quite the job, I must say). But apparently there is no way to visualise your manual progress.

What I wanted to ask is a way to mark manually completed streets on the LifeMap. It could be a different color from the GPS completed streets. But I came here to visualise my effort and now I would have to re-do everything with my GPS on… I’m not very much into that idea.

Thanks for considering!

Short of any new site functionality, I’d suggest creating a free Runkeeper account. You can plot your route(s) pretty easily with their interface to create a digital representation of what you did in analog, and then sync it to CS.


Hi Kevin,

Thanks, that actually worked really well!

It’s still a shame it can’t be done within CS itself, but this workaround got me a perfect result.

Now all that’s left, is making “false” routes in Runkeeper :slight_smile:

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