Show friend name on hover

Screenshot 2023-04-28 at 09.13.25

Most of my friends do not have an avatar. There is no telling who is who without opening the link (or remembering user ids). This makes the friends list annoying to use (both on profile page and on your own user profile). I see two possible solutions:

  • Quick and simple: show the name when hovering. This would not work on mobile though.
  • Add some extra information to the avatars. Maybe generate a unique image for those that do not have their own. Or use their initials in the image or something.

I don’t know from the top of my head whether this issue presents itself elsewhere in the site unrelated to the friends list.

Great timing - my current project is this (currently horrific) Friends display.
The next release will include changes to these profile images - the person’s initials will appear over the 50% opaque CityStrides logo.


I just released this along with the revamped Friends display on the logged-in homepage.