"Show all completed streets" button on activity pages

After I upload an activity, I like to look through the completed streets to see which ones I got. But I realize what I’m really looking for is which ones I missed, whether it’s because the road extended further than I thought or I missed some nodes, etc. That often informs what I will prioritize on my next run in that area, to truly finish off those roads. I can also do this by looking through incomplete streets, but especially when running in a new neighborhood or city those can be overly numerous and time consuming to check.

A helpful solution would be a button on the activity page that automatically populated the nodes (both completed and incomplete, for those of us non-Hard-moders) of all completed streets. Sections of the activity that don’t complete roads would appear node-less and make inspection much more rapid. Think of it as a more specialized Node Hunter.

PS this is an alternative to my other idea which hasn’t gotten much traction, but I still would like to see implemented and would help address my issue in a different way: Option to list streets in the order they were completed on activity page