Should I run/walk new streets not on the map yet?

Hi all–does anyone know what happens when you run/walk a brand new street in your city that isn’t even on the map yet? We have so much growth in our city and there are new streets constantly under construction, and on a recent walk (CityStrides) I went down a bunch of them without thinking much about it. When I got home and realized that none of those streets were even on the map yet (they’re not on yet either), I started wondering what would happen when the map gets updated and they get added. Will it show that I’ve completed the streets even though I completed them prior to them being there? :thinking: I just want to figure out if I should avoid those new developments entirely when planning my routes so that I don’t have to go back and do them again later!

Thanks for any input!

James knows best, but my understanding is that there isn’t yet any process for updating the maps for a city. So for now, new streets won’t get added. (I might be wrong, of course, he might have added that feature.)

I would also assume that he will NOT make you re-run the nodes, if the feature comes sometime down the road. I hope!


Thanks! I hope you’re correct!

Yeah @supermitch is correct on both accounts - there’s no update process (yet!) and whenever one gets added, you won’t need to re-run anything.


Awesome–thank you so much! I will quit avoiding all of those new roads! :slight_smile:

So one day, you could see your 100% score for a certain town go down to 97 or 98%, for instance. That could be fun!