Should/Can roads in airports be removed?

I feel like they’re weird places because of all the security measures and it’s not clear what kind of access they are. They get imported into CS because they have names, but should they really be run?

Yeah, this is tough … The airport near me has a similar situation with e.g. Robert F. Juliano Highway - CityStrides which isn’t tagged in OSM in a way that would cause CityStrides to ignore it - Way: ‪Robert F. Juliano Highway‬ (‪993512088‬) | OpenStreetMap

I don’t know the correct/expected tagging that could accomplish this. It’s important that whatever tags are used are expected outside of CityStrides … We can’t use OSM as a personal database - the tagging has to make sense for the world at large and then usable by us.
My initial guess might be Tag:foot=no - OpenStreetMap Wiki but I’m not sure if that’s over-extending, since I’m not sure these streets are explicitly forbidding foot traffic.
It might be some other Key:access - OpenStreetMap Wiki value, or a combination of some tags.

If I’m not sure how accessible a road might be I will use Google Street View - I figure if their car can access the road then it should be accessible on foot (assuming it isn’t a road that should be tagged foot=no). I also use street view to see if there are any gates etc blocking access - if there are gates or access is restricted then I would update in OSM.

Hello, I have a street in airport Maktoum in Dubai as well and so many in Jebel Ali port that even the most technical guys cannot solve. Please please take the time to look at the Dubai map where everything except the Palm Jumeirah has nodes that I cannot run because they are restricted areas or I have to pay Dubai Parks an Resorts to get into their Disney…… also Hatta which is separate territory of Dubai but included has border roads that are forbidden.
I have reached out to you many times on Twitter but hopefully Forum is a better place to grab your attention, if you need to see th convo with Scott on the Dubai file please do.

Consider the scope of what you’re asking James to do. James doesn’t live in Dubai and wouldn’t have a clue what to start editing on OSM to correct the issues on the map. And like he said above, he can’t just edit OSM only to fix CityStrides issues; edits need to be real edits that are usable for every site that uses OSM data.

Even if James were willing to make the edits, there is simply not enough information in what you’ve said to make them. For example, I know there is a “street” in Noblesville, IN I need to remove that’s basically just a parking lot for a music venue. I really have to provide the actual street link for anyone not from the area to know what I’m talking about: Klipsch Music Center - CityStrides.

It may seem challenging at first, but learning how to edit OSM is very easy. The site has a great tutorial that walks you through some simple changes step by step. It’s so much easier and faster to personally make the changes you see in your real world experience.

On the main topic of the thread, I agree that airport roads aren’t the greatest idea to run. In Indianapolis at least, the main roads leading to the terminal entrance are basically highway and I’d feel fine changing those to foot=no. But the actual terminal entrance itself is obviously walkable so it might not make as much sense to change that section. Indianapolis also has a bunch of parking-related streets or service roads that probably shouldn’t have names in the first place: Garage Parking entrance (all levels) - CityStrides. Ultimately I think the correct answer is going to vary for each airport. As always if running somewhere feels unsafe it’s better to edit OSM in some way.

Thank you for all your details and the time you took to answer this. Let me beg for assistance ad I am not technical at all and I am close to the end and you guys may not hear from me after, it’s really the last 5%.
The Maktoum airport has large cargo areas that I cannot access, forbidden. The same for Jebel Ali Free Zone Area with my collection of nodes and RashidPort too. Dubai Parks and Resorts are for ticket holders only. If those nodes are removed by someone with technical abilities and a huge heart like Scott , a transfer of nodes would go to the streets remaining that I would run and then the Dubai chapter will come to a closure.
Please note that I have saved the Palm for my last hourra so the nodes are the only ones that are deliberately saved.

I am so thankful to you, to James who launched me on this adventure with Ricky Gates and to the two gentlemen in this commmunith who have helped me in the past.

Anyone that wants to volunteer to assist me by removing my nodes because I have technology problems of my own ( I cannot process the language ) will get all my thanksgiving

@yssalaam I think you might have more success in getting help with the mapping if you provided a bit more structure and information. A Google sheet with the CS link of the street that needs editing, a description of what needs to be altered, which nodes are impacted if it’s not the whole streets…
As it is you are asking people to make wholesale changes on the basis pretty vague descriptions of areas

@yssalaam congratulations on your progress so far, Dubai does not look like an easy place to run!

Dubai is easy to run because it is safe and besides the heat , there is no rain or sleet! But it’s an ever growing city. Because I have reached 94% the nodes that remain are all out of place ( except for the Palm ) all the nodes minus the Palm can be removed and they are located in Ports, Airports a large industrial Zone called Jebel Ali and an entertainment complex called Dubai Parks and Resorts that requires payment. If they are removed my nodes will go where they have to go and my continued running will be gratified with increase ( rather than decrease of percentage when the city keeps adding streets). There also is a mountainous and separate enclave region called Hatta that I loved running but I am not allowed on the border roads which have plenty of nodes.

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The edits required here are pretty easy, just takes time to do them. And knowledge of which ones are required. The proper method of removing these from CityStrides I think is to mark them as access=private. If the public doesn’t have access to an area (like restricted areas in ports), you can mark them as private. Tag:access=private - OpenStreetMap Wiki

I am sure there would be people willing to help, but as someone pointed out, we would need a google sheet or something else listing all the areas that need updating. I remember looking at this a few months ago when you asked and it was really unclear from your unfinished streets which were access issues and which were from new areas being added you hadn’t run yet.