Shirt commemorating finishing a city?

Curious if anyone has done a shirt commemorating finishing a big city? I’m getting closer to finishing Des Moines, Iowa and I’m thinking about doing one for myself. It’s not a huge number of streets compared to some others but at 1238 it isn’t nothing. I’m thinking of doing a shirt in the style of the Run DMC logo, but have it say RAN DSM instead of RUN DMC. On the back I’m thinking of printing out the entire map of all my streets for Des Moines with some catchy phrase below it, or maybe #CityStrides

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Just wondering if anyone else had done a shirt.


There is this: Merch/Fundraising Idea

But I do like the map idea!

PS. Nice work on Des Moines!

I’m setting my eye on Des Moines too, Des Moines, New Mexico!

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