Set Default Coordinates and/or Default Zoom for LifeMap

I would find it convenient to further define the default LifeMap settings beyond just city.
I expect the LifeMap generation works by pulling the coordinates from the defined center of the default city, and using some defined zoom level.

Example URL for my LifeMap upon accessing site:

Coordinates = 50.959679253214205,-114.10055801535646
Zoom level = 12.000000000000002

I would find it helpful to be able to set either or both of:

  1. The default coordinates for the center of the map
  2. The zoom level for the map

I would change this periodically as I focus on different areas of the city over a period of weeks, and would find it helpful to immediately be in the target area whenever I open my LifeMap.

Why don’t you just set a bookmark for the url? Seems a simple shortcut to your idea…

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@969823ab4485c3f2e393 Slick idea. I’m going to use it. Never really paid attention to the address bar while on the LifeMap.

I wonder if, while on the LifeMap, there could be a button that saves as default?

I like the idea @davemorin.


…that is a great idea. Thanks for the thought @969823ab4485c3f2e393!

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Just to follow up on this- there is one outstanding benefit of defining a “default GPS coordinate”: opening the LifeMap on your phone when you’re out and about. I would still find it helpful in that setting.


I agree, especially as the fully specced url strings that make @969823ab4485c3f2e393’s workaround possible also make it really cumbersome to navigate away from the lifemap back to a strider’s profile page (have to click back once for every action taken on the lifemap)

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