Set "Default City" to Current Location

Have always loved the default city feature, and regularly change it within my settings so my LifeMap opens to whatever city I’m currently in.

Would it be possible to add an option that is just “current location”? So every time you access your LifeMap it zooms to where you are.

I think that over 90% of the time I am accessing my LifeMap it is to either plan routes from my current location or to track where I am live on a run. This feature would help with both scenarios

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In my experience with the live location button (the button with the crosshairs icon on the right), it asks me for permission every time. This would mean there would be a blocking permission popup twice (once for location and once for direction) before the LifeMap page would be visible/usable.

I’m very hesitant to add such an intrusive feature like this, and might instead suggest that the LifeMap page isn’t the best for this situation. The individual city page is going to automatically focus the map to that area, limit Node Hunter to the city border, display your LifeMap, and provide (though likely less useful in this case) incomplete/complete street lists.

Maybe I’m an outlier, though, and people aren’t being prompted for location permissions every time…

That’s a good point, and you are right that the permissions pop up every time. Recognizing the importance of privacy and permissions would you consider a world where users could opt-in to a feature that disables this? Or is this moving into dangerous territory OR is actually not something on the CityStrides domain but forced from elsewhere?

Yeah, this is forced at the operating system level. I think the only permanent option is in an app.

Totally understood. Was a very minor idea, saving at best ~3s per load. Let’s call it closed!