Set Custom Home Location

It would be nice if it were possible to set a custom home location (latitude/longitude) instead of using a city.

I’m currently living in Pacific Beach which is part of San Diego and unfortunately, Pacific Beach is out of view when the map initially loads on the San Diego city center and I have to scroll each time I view the LifeMap.


This is an interesting request, because I think there are some more details to it.

When visiting the page for San Diego - San Diego, California - CityStrides - it zooms out to fit the full map in view. I’m guessing that you have to zoom in a fair bit as well as pan to the exact location.

So the lat/lon setting would probably also need a zoom level paired with it. I know how large a city is because of its border that I fit to view - I wouldn’t know how large the area you care most about is, so I’d need some other indicator. I think a zoom level would do that, but I wouldn’t want anyone to have to know WTF a zoom level actually is :laughing: so I’m thinking the implementation of this is something like … you zoom/pan a map view and click a “set as home” button (or some similar phrasing) and the code figures out what lat/lon/zoom values to save.

I think this would only apply to the LifeMap page, since all other maps have some other focus (city/street pages etc).

Does that all seem right?


haha, good point!

I think the process you described is a fairly common concept so people should understand it and would work perfectly.

Would love to have this!