Same street "deleted" in every update of city

One of my local cities produces an update every time it comes around in the queue.

Maumee, OH has a street that just barely touches the border, and every time the city goes through an update, I get a notification that “Technology Drive” has been deleted (no link possible - it doesn’t show up in CS)


As you can see (this is on the western edge of the city border) it falls outside the city currently.

Some updates it is both created AND deleted, but it almost always shows up as being deleted.

I am not sure if this is a bug, or if there really are mods taking place that affect that one or two nodes that might show up at that intersection, but just wanted to point it out.


Yeah, it’s this Way section that I have to contend with: Way: ‪Technology Drive‬ (‪488534276‬) | OpenStreetMap

None of the nodes are in the city, but the street passes through the border. This causes the Way to be returned by the Overpass query, but the Nodes to be excluded.

The Overpass response is a bit weird in that it basically returns two separate pieces of data - the collection of Ways and the collection of Nodes. I need to improve my handling of the response to make it fully ignore Way records that have no corresponding Nodes. Right now, it’s blindly working through all Ways … then all Nodes … then doing cleanup.

I have had a few issues like this. Fixed it by inserting two nodes inside the border one in each end of the way segment

Someone at OSM may undo my changes if they notice them, but I adjusted the border a foot or two along the adjacent road and at the intersection to put the nodes on the border instead of adjacent to it.

We’ll see what happens.

Yes, that’s another way of solving it. Let’s wait for the next update

This is definitely one of those “don’t change OSM just for CityStrides” situations, especially around city borders. We’re a small member of the larger OSM community, and it’s important that we don’t become bad actors.

I’ll definitely work on the issue on this side of things so that we don’t have to make these odd adjustments in OSM.

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I’m pretty confident in this one as each of the nodes on the city board I moved was literally within a foot or two of the street/way line - intent was that the street is the boundary line of the city border in that section. I didn’t move anything else.

I do my best not to upset the OSM apple cart, for sure.

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