Runs not synched

Hi Jim, Can you please help with syncing runs on February 1 and 2? If you have a backlog, I understand.

Stephen Pitsch

James, I also have a missing run on February 2nd. Whatever you did the other day got my run from the 1st sync’d, but I still don’t see the 2nd. This is from MapMyRun. Thanks!

Same thing here. Runs from Feb 1-5 not syncing from MapMyRun.

Yeah I’m working with MapMyFitness on an issue with the new activity alert system. I’ll start a sync for your account now.

Update: The MapMyFitness alerting issue is fixed, but I don’t think old/missed activities will make it in automatically. Let me know below if you need a sync (or become a supporter and click the Sync Now yourself :smile:)

Amazing service. Thanks for the quick response.

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Hi James, I’m not sure how often runs get synced, but none of my runs have been added since the end of March. Is there something I can do to address this?

Hi James, It looks like there’s quite the backlog of Strava runs (400k+), which will take a while to go through. I don’t know how the queue works, but an idea would be to have a 2 dimensional queue: instead of syncing every activity of the first person before moving to the second, you’d do the first activity of everyone in the queue, then the second, etc, until you’re done with a given user and they drop out of the queue. That way someone with thousands of new activities doesn’t hog capacity for weeks – they’ll just wait a bit longer, while everyone else gets their activities synced a lot faster.

I’m mentioning this because I think this is the longest it’s been between me doing a run and having it synced, and I think it was quite a productive run. I’m very keen to see how well it went :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the great work!

I know the priority settings have pushed the historical syncs to the end of the queue, so those are not hogging API limits before current activities. As for on person hogging the queue with current activities, I seem to remember him saying a person’s activities are not lumped together (I know mine do not come in at the same time when I have multiple in the queue at the same time, they come in piecemeal)

Thanks, @jpbari – good to know it’s already a lot more sophisticated than just a simple queue. Makes sense James did that.

Still, things do seem to be taking a lot longer than usual (currently sitting at over 24 hours since the activity finished, and still going), so thought I’d raise it.

24 hours is nothing. I’ve had activities sitting there for 9 days now…

I run every day and was syncing fine until 9 days ago (which is when the numbers really blew up) and nothing since.

Hi, I’m using Runkeeper as my source - how long do you think the initial sync takes? Where can I check how far along it is? I started it about 24 hours ago. It’s about 400 activities

Runkeeper should be pretty quick, then you will be subject to the processing delay

thank you for your answer - how do I recognize the status of my import? On the status page it says " Accounts scheduled for import: 53" what does that mean? 53 accounts with any number of activities? What’s the point of clicking “Sync now” again? Am I “at the end of the queue” again?

You should see the words “Your account is scheduled” on the page if you have a Runkeeper account queued for sync.

Runkeeper does not provide webhooks/notifications, so it’s only a full history sync every time. Most syncs run fairly quickly, but some can take a while (not too common, luckily).
Runkeeper accounts are polled daily. Its API can be a little picky at times, so that’s generally the reason that there’s any backlog there.

Sync Now only queues up a sync if there isn’t one already running/queued/scheduled.

Hmm - always a complete sync is of course not very efficient :frowning: I clicked on “Sync now” again - and where should I read " Your account is scheduled" now?

Do nonsupporters also get some sort of visual indicator on the status page? Either scheduled activities (Strava) or “your account is scheduled” (Runkeeper)? If I see no indicator, is that to mean I have no activities enqueued? I put my profile link in the Missing Activities thread as well. Thank you for all your work!