Running the bus map

After running all streets of my city, I came up with a new project: running all bus routes on the bus map.of my city. There are about 20 routes which I try to follow as axactly as possible from A to B. One at a time. Does anybody know similar projects done by others?

I tried racing buses along their entire route in San Francisco. I had to stop at stop signs and red lights to follow same road rules as buses. My thought was I could keep up with the bus because it makes so many stops in the congested part of the city. I lost though because getting stuck at one long red light meant the bus was able to get way ahead :frowning:


There was a challenge some years ago when you should get off the bus, metro or tram on one station, then run and get back on the same bus etc on the next stop. I had almost forgotten about that until I read this. Not the same thing, but a real challenge :laughing:


During the pandemic someone set up a virtual race covering the subway network in Vienna. I think it adds up to around 80km, so not trivial.


Nice challenge, Marty! Our busses are too fast for me since they;re electric. Even on my bike it is hard.

I have seen some videos on Youtube with runners trying to do this, Hans. Very funny.

Thanks for the info! I will try to find out more about this project.
I think that my network is about a 200 kms. I have done about half of it now.

I live in the UK and I’m aware of a similar challenge for the London tube/underground network where you run/walk between each station the way they are linked by the train lines. Unfortunately I don’t live close enough to London to do this, but I have thought of running the train routes in my county (South Yorkshire). Obviously running on train lines is a no no, doing the streets/trails that run closest to the train line route would be OK.

That’s interesting, Steve. In my city are no real bus stations. Rather ‘lines’ which start in the most remote places and lead into the center. Each one has a number. Each time I run the complete line from A to B. The disadvantage is that some of the routes follow the same streets. But nevertheless, nice to do.